Johnas is a christian Hip-Hop Artist



Johnas is a Christian Hip-Hop artist and public speaker born in Lawton, OK. Johnas is based out of Pittsburgh, Pa. Raised with a strong Christian background within a military life, it was music that caught his attention.

At an early age, Johnas gravitated towards music, poetry, and writing. He chose poetry and spoken word as a means to musically release what he felt. He Created a group called Still I Rise, poetically, honoring a favorite poet Maya Angelou.

Interested In Booking Johnas

Johnas learned early on that concerts/events were not guaranteed and started creating his events. Johnas with label mates M.O.T and Vali Ant created Escape Music Group (EMG) in 2014 alongside promoting the music groups premiere Christian social/concert venue.

EMG has traveled nationwide and beyond, and has performed in concert with artists such as The Social Club Misfits, Canon, Young Noah, etc. Johnas is discovering music in a unique view. This has become the calling card of Johnas and EMG as studios, events, and promotions were self-made with God’s vision leading the way.

Now with a decade-plus in the music industry, Johnas has signed with LBMRecords. He is currently anticipating the release of his latest project The DOPE under LBMRecords in 2021. Johnas’ music is comprised of both personal and observed life experiences intertwined with God’s love, offering truth, honesty, and vulnerability within a concept.

This new journey will certainly bring out the best from Johnas 1 Corinthians 9:24-27.